Benefits of Private Instruction:

• Move at your pace, keeping your goals at the forefront.

 A conversational emphasis ensures you are developing both speaking and listening skills.

• My flexibility lets you set your own schedule;  you won’t ‘get behind’ the class.

Lesson Options

I offer a variety of private German lesson options to suit the needs of my clients. I am happy to offer specialty lessons or to adapt any of my courses to focus more specifically on the personal goals and interests of individuals. As my curriculum is more adult-focused, I currently only offer lessons to those 14 years of age and older.

Beginner German (Levels A1/A2)

I have designed my own curriculum for beginner students of German. I also incorporate a large amount of conversation and cultural readings to help you become comfortable speaking, reading and writing basic German. At this level, individuals gain the ability to use the present, future and past tenses while developing an approximate vocabulary of 2000-3000 words. Upon completion you will be comfortable communicating on a basic level in a variety of daily situations.

Intermediate/Advanced German (Levels B1/B2/C1 )

Lessons begin with a detailed review of the core concepts of Beginner German before progressing on to more advanced grammar concepts such as verb conjugations of the passive voice, subjunctive and perfect tenses. Lessons are conducted entirely in German to help achieve fluency. Upon completion you will be able to communicate effectively at an advanced level in a variety of daily and professional situations.

Exam Preparation for Levels A2/B1/B2/C1 

For adults, successful completion of the A2/B1/B2/C1 examination is required by some universities and companies to ensure you are prepared to live and/or work in a German-speaking country. The examinations are offered through the Goethe Institute and consist of four parts: reading comprehension, writing, listening and speaking. I help individuals to prepare for these examinations by using a combination of my curriculum and model tests.

Please note: as B2/C1 levels are advanced designations please allow for a minimum of 18-24 months of study time to prepare for these requirements.

Lessons for High School and University Students 

Designed for high school and university students looking for extra help with homework, essay writing and exam preparation.

Travel Essentials

Designed to get individuals ready to communicate on a basic level while traveling in German-speaking countries. Topics covered include: pronunciation, greetings, getting around, ordering food, finding accommodations, sightseeing and shopping.