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Community Events: Christmas Markets

Community Events:  Christmas Markets

The practice of holding a Christmas market or Weinachstmarkt in Germany, Austria and Switzerland among other countries dates back to the Middle Ages. Markets are held in accordance with Advent traditions, namely opening on the Sunday four weeks before Christmas. These markets are traditionally held in the main plaza of the city or town and spill out into adjacent streets. The size of the market depends on the size of the town. Some of the more famous markets are held in the cities of Nuremberg, Dresden, Berlin and Munich.

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Meetup Groups for Conversation Practice

Meetup Groups for Conversation Practice is an excellent resource to meet members of your community with similar interests. Create a quick profile, find the groups that interest you and get out there and meet people. I have been attending Spanish and German language meetup groups in Vancouver for the last five years and have had a very positive experience.

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